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A lion cut is a great option for long-haired cats during the warmer months or for a long-lasting treatment for cats that would otherwise require extensive brushing. In addition to being easy-to-maintain, the lion cut also provides many owners with endless hours of entertainment.

Every lion cut includes bathing, nail trimming, and ear and eye cleaning.
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Bath & Brush is our most popular grooming option. Your feline will be expertly bathed, brushed, and blown dry for a soft and shiny coat. Every Bath & Brush treatment also includes nail trimming and ear and eye cleaning.
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A teddy bear cut is similar to a lion cut except that your feline's fur will be left somewhat longer than a lion cut. While this treatment will remove a significant amount of fur from a long-haired cat, it will still leave approximately 1/2" of coat which may be preferable during colder seasons.

Every teddy bear cut includes bathing, nail trimming, and ear and eye cleaning.
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Short-hair cats can greatly benefit from grooming as well. A bath and brush can help keep shedding down as well as help alleviate hair balls. If you really want to curb the excess hair, short-hair cats look great in a lion cut!
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Nail Trimming &
Nail Caps

If you're having a hard time trimming your cat's nails we're here to help with that too ($12). We also offer assistance with applying nail caps for your cat ($22). Both options help keep your cat, you, and your furniture safe!

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