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Queen of the shop, she was adopted from Furry Friends Refuge in 2016 and thoroughly enjoys her lush life. She can be found basking in the window in her favorite cat bed. Her favorite food is just about any canned food that Weruva makes! If you're lucky she'll ask you to pet her and on rare occasions she's been known to play!


Adopted from Furry Friends in 2018, Delores is the most recent addition to our shop kitty crew. Call us "foster failures", but we couldn't let this kitty go; she made herself at home in the shop within 24 hours of her arrival as a foster. She loves attention and is a master at opening her microchip feeder.


Adopted from Furry Friends Refuge in 2015 and currently holds the title of Chief Kitten Wrangler (he loves the foster kittens)! Walter spends most of his time on the desk so that he can be easily accessible for pets. His favorite food is Rad Cat venison; he has IBS and after several different food choices this was the food that made his tummy happy and healthy!

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Betsey, the owner of Smitten Kitten, opened the shop in 2008 after seeing a need for specialized cat grooming in Des Moines. Betsey has been grooming cats for over 12 years and learned from the best- her aunt who owns The Kitty Groomer in Lincoln, Nebraska.
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Jennifer is our retail & boarding manager. She has three cats that she adopted from Furry Friends Refuge. You might remember her oldest kitty, Gary, one of our former fosters; at 18 years old, he's enjoying the lush life at home with Jen!
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Tessa is our grooming manager. Tessa has five cats that she adopted from Furry Friends Refuge. The most recent adoptee was Mushu, one of our foster kittens. Tessa enjoys taking her Persian, Reggie, to local cat shows.